​​Your new friends!

Founded by two Pennsylvania Dutch boys that both studied video production in Kutzeschtettel (Kutztown, Pennsylvania), Goldfinch Films is a dynamic duo specializing in wedding filmmaking. Whether we've been lifelong friends or one of our mom's referred you to us in the grocery line, we would love to be a part of your special day, offering you lasting memories by capturing each incredible moment.

We know how important this day will be to you as you proclaim your eternal love for each other in front of all your friends and family. We're looking forward to sharing our warm personalities with you in every step of the filmmaking process and most importantly crafting a video that you will be able to cherish forever.

Get to know us below! That way you know it's ONLY friends at your wedding...


Baseball Stat Junkie, Star Wars Aficionado

Tyler has had a passion for video production since he was 15. It all started with dumb shorts and school projects but eventually evolved into some quality content in college.  Now, after graduating from Kutztown University, Tyler works full-time as a digital media producer for a media company in Lancaster, in addition to being co-founder of Goldfinch Films.


Tyler is really into sabermetrics (the analysis of baseball statistics) and is a true lover of the sport after playing it for most of his life. The Star Wars films are another passion of his. Tyler's knowledge of the Star War lore is quite extensive and he knows practically every line to the six original films; something he shouldn't be so proud of.



Guitar Enthusiast, Aspiring Ornithologist

Seth began his love of video when his brother needed someone to film his sick skateboard tricks. And as Seth had no good moves of his own, the responsibility fell on him. So a couple of skate vids were made and a passion was born. He then honed his skills in filmmaking at Kutztown University and now, in addition to being co-founder of Goldfinch Films, he works as an assistant director at a production company in Lancaster.

With his remaining hours, he enjoys making strange sounds with his guitar while staring at one of his two fish tanks. Occasionally, he will also entertain his fascination with birds. Watching birds, listening to birds, painting birds. Let's just hope there aren't too many birds poking around your ceremony. 


​Goldfinch Films?

In Pennsylvania Dutch folklore, the goldfinch or "distelfink" represents happiness and good fortune. Pillars of a strong and healthy marriage. The "distelfink" can be found on various forms of PA Dutch folk art, from barn stars to baptismal certificates. 

Both born of German descent, we named ourselves Goldfinch Films as an homage to the PA Dutch culture that we were immersed in while studying video production at Kutztown University and working in Lancaster, PA, the place we now call our home.

Wedding cinematography & video production in Lancaster, Pennsylvania